10 Ways to Treat Yourself with Love this Valentine’s

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Oh Valentine’s Day- the time of year where glittery cards, sugary treats, and stuffed bears holding hearts come out to play. I could throw around words like “consumerism”, “plastic”, and “ridiculous” and be generally scrooge-y about things but I’m sure I can find a better use for my energy than that 😉 Also, I’m never opposed to any excuse for fancy chocolate or a reminder that consciously caring for and loving myself will always overflow into my relationships with others. Let’s chat about self-love:

1. I love holidays as a reference point, to think back to the ways I’ve grown since this time last year. Take some time to journal about how you’ve treated yourself this year, harmful habits that it’s time to let go of, and more life-supporting activities that you could take on.

2. Speak kindly to yourself. I don’t care how cheesy it feels, take care of yourself and don’t beat up your reflection in the mirror.

3. Add some beets to your juice! Not only will they turn your juice gloriously pink, your liver will thank you for the love and support.

4. Don’t be afraid to unashamedly like yourself. Forget putting yourself down or laughing off compliments. Know what you like most about yourself, rock your strengths, and don’t be afraid to admit you love yourself in all your imperfect awesomeness. People who like themselves are sexy.

5. Choose movement that your body loves rather than punishing workouts that you dread. Seriously, if your exercise routine stresses you out, you’re doing yourself more harm than good.

6. Pick foods that support your body and thereby support the sort of life you want to live and how you want to feel. It isn’t an act of self love if the only sweet moment is while it’s in your mouth.

7. Don’t compare yourself to ANYONE. Allow yourself to be inspired, then take your own journey.

8. Cut out toxic relationships that make it difficult to feel good about yourself. At the same time, nurture relationships that make you feel alive, loved, and nurtured.

9. Do something every day that connects you with your body. We live in extraordinary bodies but are often so caught up in our mental chitchat that we hardly notice them. What is it that makes you feel more and think less? I’m a big fan of forest walks, yoga, writing, and pretending to be a good dancer!

10. Be unconditional with your self-love. Loving yourself isn’t just for Valentine’s day or when you’ve reached your goal weight, or when you’re doing everything “perfectly”.  Self-love is extra important when we need to forgive ourselves or life is throwing us challenges. Be ruthless about it.

Bonus:  This chocolate, this chocolate, and this chocolate. I heard once that chocolate comes from cacao which is a plant so clearly…a bowl of chocolate is basically salad…you may use this reasoning on V-day only.

  One thought on “10 Ways to Treat Yourself with Love this Valentine’s

  1. February 13, 2015 at 4:03 am

    Great post–I especially like number 10! I wish we could have talked more when you were here. Sorry I dumped some stuff on you, I was in a little depression state 😦 I have come out and feel so much better and happier 🙂 I really like reading your posts!


    • Rande Moss
      February 13, 2015 at 4:47 am

      I really wish we would have had more time to get caught up too but I’m so glad you’re feeling happier 🙂 I also hope you’ll be continuing to blog more soon as well!


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