Food and Body : New Ways to Measure Progress

I step on the scale and I’m 2 pounds up. That’s it. The rest of my day is shot.

I eat two bites or two bowls or two DAYS worth more than I need. I berate myself for never being able to get my overeating under control.

I eat 27 calories more than I need to lose 2 pounds this week so I quickly calculate how much of my bedtime I have to cut in to to exercise it off.

These are the ways I used to monitor, police, and control my body and habits. This could probably go unsaid but WOW was it stressful. Not to mention, ineffective. Wanting to have peace and freedom in my body and in my relationship with food has, over time, led to measuring things a little bit differently. Now the things I ask myself are:

Am I present in my body today? Am I feeling more than I used to? Am I more in my body and less in my head? Am I enjoying food and taking my time?  Am I really feeling when I’m hungry and when my body’s had enough? Am I relaxing into what’s challenging me? Am I eating simply because I’m (insert uncomfortable emotion here)?

If my clothes are feeling tight I don’t freak out (well, maybe I freak out for a sec but it passes 😉 ), I notice it and ask myself where I’ve been tuning out. I no longer force “emergency” juice cleanses – I recognize that I’ve probably been stressed and zoning out with food so it’s time to slow down. And if I’ve been under a lot of stress, a juice fast is probably the last thing I need to force my body to do! Eating challenges can be an incredible tool for waking up to where we’re not paying attention and by measuring everything by the scale (or whatever way we’re controlling too tightly) we miss the opportunity to listen.

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